I’ll Still Listen to Yo Shit On the Radioooo

Sassy mcawesome

In the past few weeks, Timbaland has come under fire for stealing the beat to “Do It” (from Nelly Furtado’s Loose) from some random ass Scandinavian guy who lives somewhere in the world. Having listened to that guy’s original ditty, I can say with authority that Timbaland probably did steal it but I can also say that I fully support that decision. I’m not really one for the “plagiarizing” thing (I believe USC frowns upon that) but anyone who helps create a Stivvy** favorite like “Do It,” comparable perhaps only to “Confessions”** and “London Bridge” is okay in my book.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOh and I sort of love Nelly Furtado and support everything she does, including compulsively touching her hair 36 times in a single performance, being Canadian and reading Phonic**…twice. In short, while the Scandinavian guy may be right and will probably sue Timbaland’s face, he’s got nothing on the man who actually downed a gallon of KoolAid in Fade To Black (0.58s). Plus he’s probably just jealous since he’s pasty and Finnish and is thus neither promiscuous nor a maneater. Wait for it, wait for it…SERVED.

To compare the two songs: choose me, Derek, loooooove me even though I’m a skeletal ho

And in case you were wondering, that actually is a picture of a random Finnish man. We’re very thorough here at IJWLML. Nst.**

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