And Don’t Forget the Robot!

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In the spirit of post-modernist era crap, Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy) announced today his departure as director/writer of the upcoming Wonder Woman remake. Normally, I don’t care much for the kind of bureaucratic BS that goes on in Hollywood but when it deals with the man who is my god, well, it’s another story. As Joss noted on his fansite Whedonesque, he left the film due to his “take on the film that nobody liked.” Translation: instead of showing naked women mud-wrestling on the sinking Titanic while a meteor threatens to hit the earth at that very moment, he was interested in taking a more creative, intellectual approach to the movie.

To which I say, fuck the man cuz he don’t know sheeeet! Seriously, the suits who cut him from this project are total suckas. Or not because now they can just hire Brett Ratner to completely ruin the franchise (X3, you there? It’s me, Crappy McAsspoop), make a big blockbuster and corrupt Lindsay Lohan just a little more. And the worst part of it all is that now we’ll never get to see the magic made between Joss and the actress picked for the role, Cobie Smulders of such Livvy faves as How I Met Your Mother and L Word. “Whooo dat?” you ask? Don’t ask me, just watch the vid:

So Joss’ Wonder Woman is Robin Sparkles. Tres legit, but tres legit no more. Damn you, Hollywood, damn you to hell! I guess I’ll just go rock my body til Canada Day. Hmph.



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