Lost And Grey’s Suck. Luckily, I Don’t.

Dear writers of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy

Hey dudes, what’s…wait, you want me to speak up? You can’t hear me over the flutter of money pouring in over your heads since you’ve all completely sold out to make a quick buck? Okay, I’ll speak up then. I am a TV-watcher. You guys are the TV-makers and in 2003, it was a big year for you all: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usboth Lost and Grey’s Anatomy premiered and they were like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a house made of fish (I haaaate heels…well, fish).

Seriously, I could barely last a second after each Lost episode without knowing how Locke got or lost his paralysis or where the polar bear came from or what the monster is. Considering I couldn’t really wait a week to find that out, how do you think I feel not knowing any of these things THREE YEARS LATER?! The only progress we’ve made since season 1 of Lost is that a group of people crashed onto some unknown island. Great, guys, thanks.

Grey’s, on the other hand, was soapy since day 1 but it was the good kind of soap i.e. the non-OC kind. But season 3…oy. I know the show is called “Grey’s” Anatomy and all, but when the aforementioned Grey is played by an insufferable walking skeleton with 80s hair and a voice that could top Fran Drescher’s (except Fran is hilarious and quite endearing), it gets a bit difficult to watch. Espesh when every episode involves at least ten minutes of Grey’s back-and-forth whining about not being able to choose between two men who love her and want her children and oh my god shut the fuck up, some people are COMPLETELY ALONE. And by some people, I mean Stephen.

I could go on but if you get anything from this beast of a letter, let it be this: NEVER go for quantity over quality. Sure, being millionaires is cool and all that, but isn’t making something good even more worthwhile? No? Okay, great, then keep doing what you’re doing until 2009 when I graduate so I can demolish all of you with my own incredible TV show. Yeah, what. Okay so…kisses!




2 Responses to “Lost And Grey’s Suck. Luckily, I Don’t.”

  1. 1 Andy February 10, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Seriously. When they showed the preview for Izzie drilling the hole in the guy’s head next week, I left the room. Save for a miracle, Grey’s has really jumped the shark.

    Lost I’m still hopeful for. But I’m a pretty patient person. You know, the kind that’s willing to stick with the X-Files for 27 seasons or however many it was.

  2. 2 Craig February 11, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    I am so hoping that they kill off Meredith and cancel the show, to make airtime for Yang’s Anatomy to premiere next fall.

    And am I reading too much into the fact that only Stephen was mentioned as COMPLETELY ALONE when I think that Liv is now only partially alone?

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