Dance + Life = Awesome

There was a time when I could like Jennifer Lopez because please, she was (anything for) Selenaaas. But then she started wearing all white ghetto suits and was on every tabloid cover ever and I got the tiniest bit sick of her because seriously, her ass isn’t even that big. So it hurts me a little when I say I offer newfound kudos to J.Lo, former Fly Girl dancer and current executive producer of MTV’s newest non-realicrap Dancelife. Free Image Hosting at

The series features Blake, one of the best contestants from season one of my total fave SYTYCD,** a dancer named Jersey (whose real name is NOT “Jersephine,” as I had imagined but is actually “Michelle Maniscalco,” which is much less exciting) and tons of celeb cameos. Including Nelly Furtado and her magnetic hair. Sure, the show has shortcomings but as a person who thrives on hip-hop, break and any kind of synchronized dancing, this show is like a frickin godsend. Espesh after an 8 hour day of class that starts at nine and ends with my death every Monday night. Plus, how can you not heart a show in which one of the six principle dancers does an “impromptu” solo performance in each episode to express his/her feeling at the time that just happens to sync perfectly with the track overlaid onto the episode?

And unlike most reality shows, most of these people are actually…likeable. Okay, maybe not likeable (except really for Jerz and Kenny because he’s like totarry cute and all) but they don’t make you want to throw yourself in front of a bus, Regina George style. Which is a huge step up from anything else that’s been on MTV since 1995. So, congrats, J.Lo, on making a wise decision. And congrats to me for finally doing my laundry and not leaving hand-washed underwear around our room. A thank you, a thank you.



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