Hot Off the Press! Linds Is Out!

Linds and Koi!

Of rehab, you dirty old man. And maybe it’s not hot off the press since this was in the news hours ago but I was a bit busy eating my ridiculous pure Kobe steak and not being fat at all. Yeah, I farted. Jealous?! Oh, right, Linds. Okay so this is just an excuse to do a Lohan post and put up some tots adorbs pics because Mean Girls was sooo on TV yesterday.

And with Lindsay “in rehab,” we’ve felt kind of lost here at IJWLML. Like a chicken without its head, so to speak. Like a Britney with hair, if you will. Speaking of, kudos to Lindsay on going to and finishing rehab and on celebrating her efforts to stay sober by…going to a club and having some cracked out crazy eyes (see picture 2). Maybe it’s her stunning blue contacts or maybe it’s because she’s cracked out, but either way, well played, Lohan, well played.

Oh and the last two pics aren’t relevant per se since they’re from two completely dif LiLeras (get it? Lilo + era!) but she’s also wearing contacts in the fourth one that look super adorable and the last pic, well, that’s just a classic. Hosting the Movie Awards? Check. Ghetto fab white girl black outfit? Check. Pretty bad dancing that involves doing “the Lisa” and several dance moves that we reenact in our apartment daily as we slowly come to the understanding of why exactly neither of us has a boyfriend? Check mate!

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