Introducing: What’s Behind Sammy? #01

Beyonce is dominating IJWLML right now. And that’s simply not okay. So we’re introducing a new series called “What’s behind Sammy?”

You may have learned about Sammy through our IJWLMLisms page, but we feel that Liv’s pupster hasn’t gotten enough praise on blog. Thus, this:

Free Image Hosting at
Click above to reveal!! Arf!


1 Response to “Introducing: What’s Behind Sammy? #01”

  1. 1 mom March 1, 2007 at 6:59 am

    What the hey! Our pupster dominates. Also, when you zoom in on the photo you get a surpriselook at what’s beneath the sweater of whatever her name is. Point is, Sammy makes a great cover up too. Kisses, Mom

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