Overheard in Providizzle #03

Asexual Asian: I wanna be black!
Bootylicious BJ: I wanna be Neve Campbell!
Lady Lagina: I wanna be the latina!
Slutty Snadwich: I wanna be the man with the monkey!
–Overheard by four people having completely different conversations about race, The Craft and Captain Planet…mmmm sexy green mullet!

Greek Goddess: [while watching Battlestar Galactica and wondering why the boys don’t flock to her] You know what? It’s a sacrifice you have to make for humanity…I don’t understand!
–Overheard by Kimono Dragon

PA: Lindsay, we need you right away.
Firecrotch Lohan: Oh my God, don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of normal person!

Okay so maybe that last one wasn’t “overheard in Providence” per se because we have yet to force Lindsay to be best friends with us and be really bitchy and make us go out and buy her N.E.R.D. CDs BUT this was obviously worth posting.

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