Dina Lohan Gets (Non-Sexually) Screwed

Daughter to MotherNow, HTG (honest to God), I totally didn’t even mean to double post on the Lohan family. But I did find this story quite amusing and shall continue on: in a word, one crazy bitch dissed another crazy bitch, which is ironic because they’re both crazy bitches. Don’t follow? Well, rumer (willis) has it, Dina Lohan was scheduled to appear on The View to “talk about her daughter” aka promote her own insane interview in Harper’s Bazaar. However, after Rosie O’Donnell read some excerpts from the interview and shockingly gave her negative opinion on DiLo’s mothering ways, the producers decided to cancel Dina’s appearance.

Now, Rosie OD lashing out at another “celeb” isn’t so much news as it is just another Tuesday night in Sunnydale (Buffy reference, zing!) but, for once, I’m with Rosie. Because I’m pretty sure the last thing you should be doing with your daughter who’s been on the road to rehab since Mean Girls is oh, right, DRINKING WITH HER. And going out with her. And trying to look like her because you’re FORTY-FOUR. Not to say that older women can’t look young and/or pretty but seriously, as a girl who has a mother as well, I know that ain’t right.

My outings with Rayray include lunch on Columbus with a side of going to the movies, not drinks at Bungalow with a side of drugs. Although that could be more due to the fact that I just spent an entire night watching Battlestar Galactica instead of “going out”…with Stephen, so it’s not quite as sad/alone but I don’t think that helped my cause. I’m not even sure what my cause is anymore but at this point I think it’d be “leaving my house.” Which I’m going to do right….NOW!

Sourcealicious, Plain Old Photo Source

DISCLAIMER: As mentioned above, I didn’t even mean to do a double Lohan post and after writing this, realized that there may or may not be another one coming later…sorry, BBs, but this is what happens when no one in Hollywood goes to rehab, shaves their head, or puts gerbils up their butt i.e. it’s been a really slow news week so throw us a frickin’ bone here.

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