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G2G 2 Cabo! BBL, KIT, We’ll TTYL!

Haaaay guyyysss. So looks like we’re off to Mexico… to not be completely drunk at 10am for 6 days straight. And get really tan. And canoodle with really hot frat boys. Great. Wonderful. Anyways guys, rejoice! This is me and Livvy’s first trip together! Sigh-o, married life and it’s joys.

Well we’ll be back in about 6, and we promise to love you. Unconditionally. Unless you shave your head.


Peace, Drugs, and Lindsay Lohan.

Stephen and Livvy


To Our Loving and Attractive Readers…

Haaaaaaay! How’s your day been? Great, you say? Well, ours too with the birth of our figurative child, IJWLML. We’ve worked long and hard hours (well, Stephen did really because Livvy doesn’t know how to do graphics) to bring you the best in self-deprecating, obscure-referencing, Lindsay-centric humor. We hope you enjoy it and realize that we probably are smarter than we sound (or at least we’d like to think so) but we can’t be dark-rimmed-glasses, beret-wearing, coffee-drinking intellectuals all the time.

So in between our discussions of the impact of Marx and the pervasiveness of Hitchcockesque motifs in the postmodern era, this is what we came up with. To us, IJWLML is an oasis in the middle of a desert of 4-hour Friday morning lectures; a Lindsay, if you will, in a sea of Paris Hiltons. We hope to you, it can become the same.

Love, Kisses, and
Awkward not-knowing-what-side-of-the-cheek-to-kiss-you-on,

Livvy and Stephen

Umm. What are you doing here?

In case you haven't heard, it's all about our new address now... We're all done here! No worries, it's the same ol' self-deprecating humor and sharp wit, just in a brand spankin' new layout. Check it out at: HTTP://IJUSTWANNALIVEMYLIFE.COM

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