We here at IJWLML have a very distinct way of speaking. Thus, this fabulously helpful glossary of typical Stivvy references, abbrevs and so much more. Oh, on a side note, if you ever meet someone who says the following: not even; who am I, where am I, where do babies come from; kisses; haaaaay; nst nst nst, etc. smack them in face for stealing Livvy’s shit. No joke.

If you wanna successfully reference Lindsay Lohan, this is it. Basically, she wrote a completely coherent letter of condolence to Robert Altman’s family after his death, ending it with “be adequite.” Who da ho? LiLo da ho!

A recent Livvy original. Because, as Stephen wisely noted, why does Angelina get her entire name in the Brangelina nickname? Hence the birth of Brangel (pronounced Brain-gel a la Br + angel a la hilarity).

Britney Stoned: aka her shining moment in life. Please, enjoy this as much as we do since half the things we say come from it: Britney Stoned!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: We can’t guarantee there won’t be any Buffy references on the blog because as of right now, there are already two. So just know that half the things Livvy says probably come from Buffy and if you really wanna be cool and get it, watch the entire series. But DON’T mistakenly send one of your discs to Netflix. Definitely not a good idea.

lesbian celebrity, but it can apply to gay men as well. Coined by Livvy, although it hasn’t quite caught on yet, due, perchance, to the fact that all of Hollywood is so very “straight?”

Confessions: lyrics from Lindsay’s “Confessions of a Broken Heart” are likely to come up at least once every five minutes, so we would suggest checking out daughter to father and just flat out memorizing it.

Diet Coke. Otherwise known as “water” in our apartment.

Dumps: Dumplings, otherwise known as “breakfast,” “lunch” and “dinner” in our apartment.

Firmstrong or Archie:
the names of Livvy and Stephen’s bikes, respectively. Firmstrong, if you couldn’t tell by his name, is a flaming homosexual. And a mountain bike! Archie is yellow. Enough said.

Heeeeya Arion!
A reason for living. Just watch Guadalupe from Proj Run and become a new person: Marla’s aesthetic

I hate heels:
if you know anything about life, you’ll recognize this immediately from Fergie’s monster smash risickulousness “London Bridge.” Or you might just think we really hate heels. We don’t.

I just wanna act: IJWA, which Lindsay so fabulously exclaimed in this video. A day later, she scolded “whoever” started the rumor that Paris hit her as yet another attempt to break up their friendship, which is the most classic thing ever.

I’m the Mary: one of the million classic lines from one of Livvy’s all time faves, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. And although Stephen hasn’t even seen it yet, a couple of Livvy’s 20 viewings of the movie have transferred over to him. Because we’re the same person.

IJWLML: um, the acronym for this blog. Duh.

Irregardless: A Gretchen Weiners classic from the Mecca for gay men and the entire female population: Mean Girls.

It’s gas!: Stephen’s fave line from Street Fighter and for good reason.

Love of God, another useful abbrev i.e. “for the LOG, shut yo mouth, bitch!”

For anyone who’s over the age of 12 and reading this, NBD is internet slang/abbrev for “No Big Deal.” A classic in the Typaldos household. Or just with Livvy.

Nst nst nst: If you’ve ever met Lisa D. (which is a near certainty if you go to USC) you will hear her speech peppered with this little techno ditty. Now, Lisa’s just being a playa hata because Livvy clearly started that and as its rightful owner, she’s taking it back to be used here as her expression of excitement. Or anger. Or just any strong emotion.

The light of Livvy’s life, Phonic is/was her high school’s too legit music magazine. Only music magazine. Okay, fine, Livvy and a Ms. Katie K were the editors-in-chief for two years and were the only people who read it. Are you happy now?!

Providence: otherwise known as Providizzle, the complex that we live in. It’s not completely in the ghetto or anything.

Pug it: A Typaldos-Lewis family exclusive, pug it is the new “chug it!” Although, we would not suggest chanting “pug it!” at 9am to your roommate after a night of semi to heavy drinking. Vomiting will probably ensue.

Livvy’s maaaaaaa, Renee, who may or may not be reading this so we won’t say anything vulgar or embarrassing like fucking shit prostitute.

Risickulous: We wish we could take credit for this but it’s cool cause it belongs to none other than Fergie FEEEEEEEERG F to the E-R-G-I-E. It’s sick. It’s ridiculous. It’s risickulous!

What baby?!Samuel: aka Sammy aka Livvy’s little angel aka the most adorable, not anti-humans dog EVER. No, she is not obsessed with him. Well, that’s questionable. But look at him: he’s like a doll!

Stivvy: While it’s no Brangel, this is the best we could come up with for our combined nickname. We actually had a better one but that involved our last names and we’d prefer not to be stalked by hot men just yet. Actually, feel free to do that.

SYTYCD: considering the number of viewers of So You Think You Can Dance peaked at about 12 people, this too did not catch on the way Livvy wanted it to.

Things and things:
Oh, Britney, how we love thee. A classic from her stoned vid (see “Britney Stoned” under B)

Time Travel Speed: Like half the things we say, this is from the Britney video. And yes, Britney, we DO think that people can time…time travel speed.

another Livvyriginal, her response to the ever popular “va-jayjay” from that currently-vomit-worthy-why-does-Ellen-Pompeo-exist-or-speak thing known as Grey’s Anatomy.

short for Winston, the best pugular ever. Not including pug being a blender but seriously, he’s like a pug and a half. A super pug, if you will. Kudos to Mac for well, being his owner. And for letting us dogsit him.

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  1. 1 cheeze February 1, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    a few questions my brilliant friend; 1. why no pics of weenie? 2. want one of kathryn with braces and a bat? 3. why am i reading your blog all day at work? 4. CREAM CHEESE??????

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